Friday, June 3, 2011

Ragnar Blackmane Conversion

Well after so long, I've finally decided to start the army. Lots of things got in between, and that's how life is. It has been an exciting and eventful year for me, which unfortunately left me with no time to dwell into this lovely hobby.

After being able to manage my time a little better, it is now a good idea to pick up where I left. I have chosen the first step by doing a conversion with the SpaceWolf set. When I first laid eyes on the sprues, I knew immediately there's a Ragnar in there, waiting to be converted.

Well here it is, my first modelled up and converted to resemble the GW Ragnar Blackmane as close as possible without the use of Green Stuff.

Can't wait to work on the rest!


  1. That's a fine looking conversion, really well done, and you can absolutely see that it is Ragnar.

    Welcome back to blogging, hope you'll be able to stick around this time, I'm interested to see how your Wolves progress. Do you have a list in mind or are you just going to do what you like?

  2. Thanks Andy,

    I'm pretty much going for the list I've done before, approx 2.5k i thinks.

    Working on Ragnar now and hope to put up pics of him tonight!