Thursday, December 3, 2009

A sip from The Cup of Wulfen

HOW IT ALL STARTED: I pick up the copy of White Dwarf when I was at a newsstand just to satisfy my curiosity of these space puppies, and thought this may be a good starting point. I immediately like the feel of the army, with a rather refreshing breakaway order from the codex astartes in many ways.

Not long later, I found myself in a bookshop and bumped into a copy of Space Wolf omnibus. I'm almost at the end of the first book and I'm already hooked to the story of Ragnar. At that point, I've already decided to collect this army in the near future and just picked up a copy of the codex which I've ordered earlier. Somehow I have a good feel in starting this army, unlike all my previous army where I've already have a pre-conceived idea of what I wanted to build, this time with loads of reading material and a well informed fluff, I have some really solid ideas to make a SW army as fluffy as I want to the very last detail. I do not know the previous codex and can't really compare or see any improvement over its predecessor but it is suffice to say that this codex has some really interesting elements to it that makes this a potentially fun army (despite the fact there is no Leman Russ battle tank, in the Primarch Leman Russ army). I love the Saga that has been introduced to the HQ characters which gives them special ability based on their background.

Currently one of my favourite units has to be the Blood Claws, young enthusiastic aspirants eager to prove themselves in the battlefield. At this point, I can imagine building Ragnar's army with many Drop Pods and lots of infantry, charging furiously towards the enemies of the All Father.

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  1. Hey man,

    Saw your comment! Im totally hooked on the Wolves right now too, especially after reading both omnibuses and going a little crazy with the spending >.<.

    Blood claws will always hold a special place in my heart, a ragtag band of initiates put in power armor barely able to contain the wolf spirit within them. Gotta love it. I love fielding 30 of these guys and marching them down the field!

    Good Luck with the wolves!